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Air conditioning has become a necessity in most modern office buildings, retail space, warehousing etc. for the comfort of employees and visiting clientele. Some locations, such as computer server rooms, require cooling in order for equipment to function at optimal levels. The varying applications means there are many different air conditioning models to choose from, each with its own benefits and detriments.

Air conditioners work by taking warm interior air and moving it across a cooling element that contains refrigerant. The cooling element lowers the temperature of the air and dehumidifies it while the heat removed from that air is transported to a condenser, typically located outside the building, to be dispersed. The ceiling cassette air conditioning unit is no exception and works on these principles; it’s difference from other types is largely how it is mounted.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning

Ceiling cassette A/C units are mounted as the name suggests; in the ceiling. This is most effective in a suspended or “floating” ceiling where there is room to accommodate the unit. Since cold air falls towards the floor, the ceiling mounting provides exceptional coverage and, provided the fans are powerful enough, a ceiling cassette A/C unit can cover a fairly large room. Being in the ceiling also means that the units are out of the way. Since the condenser is located outside the building, a ceiling cassette A/C unit is exceptionally
quiet. Further to this, along with modern technology such as adjustable thermostats and variable speed fans, ceiling cassette A/C units are exceptionally energy efficient. Photocatalytic purification filters can also be used with them to filter the air of pollutants and other harmful particulate, meaning the A/C unit can pull double duty as an air purifier.

Given that the ceiling cassette A/C unit needs to have the condenser located outside of the building, these units do need to be professionally installed. Lines need to be run from the condenser outside the building to the cassette in the ceiling, no more than 50 feet away. It is strongly recommended that you contact an expert prior to purchasing the unit as if the incorrect design is chosen or if it is improperly installed, operating costs could be high. Ceiling cassette units are quite small, but still require space in the ceiling to be installed, so if the space lacks a suspended ceiling, then this ceiling cassette A/C unit design may not be the best choice.

With all the different models of varying strengths available on the market today, it is advised that you consult with a professional in order to determine the correct unit for your specifications, or else the effectiveness of the unit will suffer which can lead to costly, time consuming consequences.

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